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Kindness Shout Outs!

3/13/19  The track coaches would like to give a shout out to their team for an awesome start to the season and for handling yesterday's weather like champs! You guys were awesome and we're so proud of to be your coaches!


Shout out to Maya Linze for picking up a paper that had fallen off the wall in the hallway rather than tossing it or walking on it as others had done. Thank you! -Savell

2/28/19 Mr. B. Harrison would like to send a Shout-Out to Coach Thomas and the 8th grade boys basketball team. The amount of growth and improvement you showed over the course of the season was exceptional! An outstanding season is not always about winning, it is about improving,giving your maximum effort everyday and maximizing your potential.The second half you played last night  (29-8 over Emmett) was the reward for all your  hard work!

2/27/19 Shout out: Johanna Serrato for being kind and giving the panda man a hug.


To Deejay, thanks for being a good friend - Scarlett M.

I would like to shout-out Giselle Coronado because she is a kind, sweet person and the best BFF I could ever ask for!

I would also like to shout-out Jeshua Valadez. He is the nicest boy i have ever met. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.- Johanna

2/22/19 Darius, thank you for helping others when they need help.-From Xander Cuff


I want to give a shout out to Mayleen M. for everything she has done for me. I appreciate all the happy memories you have made for me. Thank you for the many times you made me smile. -Hailley Silva

 I'd like to thank Ms. Leon and Ms. Mora for being great office ladies-Anonymous

 Annie Hidalgo, thanks for being a great caring friend you always know how to put people in a good mood -A

 Mrs. E would like to thank all her classes for being amazing students. A special thank you to Yarexi for starting the day with a smile and to Connor, Emily and Kayleen for your help!


Shout out to Ms. Gilbert. She has been amazing to work with and so helpful. I appreciate her greatly!-anonymous

I LOVE my science teacher tribe.  Any time there is a need it is immediately taken care of without a hint of impatience.  This is also true of my Jefferson family in general. I love you guys! ~Mrs. Demshar

The kitchen would like to express thanks to the students who are kind and thankful going through the lunch line. We also are grateful for the kindness shown by the janitors and the staff that help in the cafeteria.

I'd like to send thanks to Mr. Tripp for getting my key unstuck and Mrs. Green for letting me use her heater!-Griffith

Quetzaly Cordova is one of my sweetest, most polite students and best helpers. She greets each day with a smile and makes me smile each day. -Mrs. Labenski


*Students: If you wish to give a shout out, drop a note with a short description to room 118*

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