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Volleyball Teams Battle vs South

The 7th grade A team lost to a hard hitting Nampa South team in last night's game. Despite comeback serving runs from Kiana and Saray and solid hit returns by Maria the team was not able to secure the final points of the sets falling to Nampa 22-25 and 21-25.

The 7th grade B volleyball team won their first home game beating nampa south in 2 straight matches. Strong serves and fantastic teamwork led to this victory. Leading the team in serves were Annalise Lopez Audrey Guillitron and Danielle Hernandez. Also contributing to the win with strong court play and good communication were Justice Bingham Lexi Silva Janel Kinder and Leslie Kinder. Great game ladies!!

The 8th grade A team lost a close game to South Middle School with game one ending with a score of 25-18 and game two ending with a score of 27-25. We had a couple of great serving runs by Stephanie Bryson and excellent net play by both Nia Webb and Dana Sturm. Lilly Justeson earned us several points diving on the ground and both our setters, Mya Pena and Hailee Wolf, worked hard to set up our hitters each play. A special thank you to Emily Calderon for stepping up and playing front row. Keep it up A team!

Yesterday afternoon the 8th grade volleyball teams traveled to Nampa South to play the Hawks. In the B game the Cougars played well-- almost well enough.  We lost it 24-26. The Cougars regrouped and won the second game 25-19 which took us to the third game where it was a close game with the cougs losing the game 12-15. The girls served well, passed well and hustled after every shot. Julia Melgoza had an amazing spike and Iris Guajardo served for a total of 11 points!!

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