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Track Team Has Spectacular Showing in Meet!


In the throwing events, Alberto Rodríguez and Wyatt Felton placed 4th and 5th in the shot put. Lilian Finch and Emily Lile scored team points placing 4th and 6th respectively. Newcomer Justice Floyd finished in the top ten. Discus brought out the best in Emily Lile earning second place and team points. Madison Julian and Justice Floyd placing in the top ten. Wyatt Felton and Ignacio Gaona placed three and four with Alberto Rodriguez, Luis Velasquez and Jesse Harlow not far behind.


Jumpers saw Bryson Gelbrich and Lilly Fogle both placed first in high jump. Jose Campos, Vinnie Valverde and Jesse Shimondle made their presence known in the long jump placing 2nd 4th and 5th. The girls held their own matching and besting the boys jumps, Ayame Nakamura placed 2nd while Yvana Prescott tied for 3rd place. Connor Everhart Smitham, Angel Vasquez and Violet Vasser all had strong showings in Triple jump.


The fastest Cougars for the day, Jackson Norman and Connor Everhart Smitham finished 8th and 9th in the hundred; Jose Campos placed 2nd and Jesse Shimondel and Eva Flores both placed 3rd in the 400m. Toni Avelino and Ignacio Gaona went two and three in the 800m. Cloey Medina and Isaiah Salinas both placed well in the 1600m. In the 100 hurdles, Bryson Gelbrich and Jose Campos took the top positions where Nia Abelino placed third. 200 hurdles saw Gabe Hernández, Omarion Wright and Kurtis Tapia cruise to victory, third, and sixth respectively. Jordyn Walters and Yvana Prescott were on the heels of Victoria Burke, Ayame Nakamura and Nia Avelino who placed 4th, 5th and 6th.


The boys 4x100 relay teams took first and third. 4x200 the girls bested the boys third place finish with a second place of their own. 4x400 boys finished 1st and girls 2nd. The 800 medley relay the boys placed first and third and girls finished third and fourth.


Great job kids, especially those setting personal records and trying something new.


(Submitted by the track coaches)

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