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About Mrs. Condel

I was born and raised in Emmett, Idaho where some of my family still resides.  After attending Northwest Nazarene University, I graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education.

I’m a creative, a dreamer & visual arts educator at Jefferson Middle School 🐾 🎨 


I have two kids, an 11 year old son named Britten.  He is Lego obsessed and has an engineer’s mind. I also have an 8 year old daughter named Sabina who thinks she is 16 already! She is my little mini me.  She loves just about any material she can get her hands on to create art. Currently she is creating Barbie Transformations. My husband’s name is Matthew.  He is 12 years older than me and I like to tease him that he is “my old man”. His passion is cooking and wood work.

I love creating so many different types of art!  I get so inspired by my students. It drives me to keep creating year round. Presently I am working on Visual Art Journaling…but my true passion is Mixed Media. 

I love getting to know my students beyond the classroom and I absolutely LOVE laughing with them!  They certainly keep me on my feet. I have a to-do list a few miles long, but who doesn’t?! Middle schoolers are the best. 

I’m currently striving to become more involved in the artist community through art teacher interactions and art gallery settings.  I have an Instagram where I create a mash of my worlds all in one spot!

I love Pinterest.  And stickers.

Favorite quote:


"Above all else.

It is about leaving a mark that I existed.

I was here.  I was happy.

I was sad.  I was in love.

I was afraid.  I was hopeful.

I had an idea and I had a purpose.

That is why I made works of art. “


(author unknown)

Take care,

Mrs. Condel