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Meet Highlights


 Thursday night, the JMS Academic Team competed in the final Quiz Bowl of the year. Our team scored a total of 100 points, finishing in 3rd place for the competition. This 3rd place finish, along with our three wins and one 2nd place finish, helped us maintain the large season points lead we had coming into the competition. We are now 2023-24 District Champions!!! Mr. Saunders thought we had dropped out of 1st place for the season after last night's competition. He also informed the team of this incorrect belief. So everybody on the team, coaches and parents included, were shocked and elated when we were announced the champion. Coach apologizes for the mistake. But, it was such incredible joy when we found out we won!!!! This season has been so much fun and Coach Saunders wants to thank this wonderful team for an amazing season. You deserve to be called champions.

                                        2023-24 Academic Team Champions:

6th graders: Aiden Grove, Luke Freeman, Evelyn Campos, and Giovany Medina

7th graders: Ellie Dobbs, Johnny Yee, Junior Maldonado, Sabina Condel, and Logan Keeley

8th Graders: Isabel Caudle, Ryan Harris, Isabella Cuevas, and Anna Petersen

Anna and Isabella leave the team being the only two team members that have been on two JMS  championship teams. Thank you for three seasons of great memories. I will miss all of my 8th graders so much next year. You were a pleasure to coach. Thank you for all the great memories.

Also, thank you to Coach Humenik (you earned your papers) and Ms. Blanco for helping us out with the math this month.

Cougars Clobber Competition in Academic Bowl Action!
The JMS Academic Team competed in the second Academic Bowl of the season last night in Emmett. We started off correctly answering 9 out of 10 current events questions. This was a huge improvement from our first competition. We vaulted into first place going into the topics round. Our topics team answered 5 out of 6 questions correctly and kept us in the lead going into the speed round. We were in the same position in the last competition and lost our lead. However, history did not repeat itself. Last night, Jefferson did what champions do, we didn't just compete under pressure, We dominated. Of the 40 speed round questions we buzzed first, 13 times. We answered 11 of those questions correctly and extended our lead. SHOUT-OUT to Anna Petersen, for stepping out of her comfort zone and trying speed round for the first time. Coach is proud of you. The entire team did a phenomenal job, it is an honor to coach all of you. We have practice Thursday, time to get back to work.
On Tuesday night, the JMS Academic Team competed in their 3rd Academic Bowl of the season. Our current events team did a fantastic job, getting 8 out of 10 questions correct. They did a fantastic job, they had nearly 2 and half months of current events to study in order to be prepared. In the 2nd round, our topics team answered 4 out of 6 questions correctly. They did a great job keeping us in 2nd place going into the final round. Then in an extremely up and down speed round our team answered 4 of the last 7 questions correctly. This pushed us into a tie for 1st place in the competition. It was extremely exciting and our team showed a ton of grit and determination. Great Job Cougars, you should be proud of yourselves. Shout out to:
7th grader Ellie Dobbs: for competing in every round and filling in for a teammate that couldn't come to the competition. Your passion, selflessness, and competitiveness makes our team so much better and 6th grader Giovany Medina: for putting his foot down when he knew an answer in topics and not letting the team change his mind. The 10 points we got by answering this question correctly was the difference between tying for 1st place or finishing in 2nd place. Our 1st place tie keeps us in 1st place overall for the season.
The JMS Academic Team competed in their 4th regular season Academic Bowl of the season. In the first round, JMS answered 8 of 10 correct, finishing tied for the lead going into the 2nd round. Our topics team studied hard, but sometimes results don’t equal the effort and hard work our team puts into our preparation. We answered 3 of 6 correctly, dropping out of the lead entering the final round. In the final round our Speed round team went off like the eruption of the Krakatoa Volcano. This time, Instead of being the loudest recorded sound in history, all that was heard was JMS buzzing in first, 12 times, and the word “correct” being the response 11 times. It was the sound of victory in a hard fought, up and down competition. JMS faculty, parents, and Coach Saunders are all very proud of this team. One more competition in March to determine if we are champions. Go Cougars!!