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Game Results

Results vs Sage Valley:

 Our 8th Grade girls "A" team played the last game of the season last night against a very tough Sage team. It was an exciting game from start to finish. Unfortunately Sage came out with the W. Final score was 34-30. Top leaders , Ashley Sauseda with 15 points and 5 steals. Payton Garcia with 10 points and 9 Rebounds. Yadira Espinoza contributed  with 9 Rebounds as well.  Thank you ladies for a great season and don't forget pictures today at 3pm.

7th GRADE 

Last night the 7th grade girls basketball team played against the Sage Valley Diamondbacks. The B team had a great game and were up 16-2 at one point in the game. Sage Valley was almost able to make an incredible comeback but luckily we were able to close out the game and win 20-16. Melanie Morales led the team with 6 points. Alexis Garza had 4 points. Jaylene Olvera, Natalie Cedillo, Lilly-Anne Clark, Lilly Armstrong, and Adrianna Eldrege all contributed with a basket. 

The A team had a fantastic game. They were able to dominate throughout the entire game. Aundrea Dennett led the team with 14 points and 4 rebounds. Evonny Gonzales contributed 4 points. Yazmeen Montanez, Ann Hunsicker, Adelynn Munoz, and Kaitlyn Guadarrama also contributed a basket. A team won 26-10. Congratulations ladies on ending the season with a Win! There will be pictures today after school and also a pizza party. Make sure to turn any money into Mr. Dame before lunch! See you there. 

Results vs Valllivue:

Our 8th Grade Girls "A" team beat Vallivue last night. Everyone played extremely well and contributed to the win. Our top leaders were Payton Garcia with 8 points and 20 Rebounds,followed by Victoria Zamora with 7 points and 5 steals. Ashley Sauceda added 6 points and 5 steals. Great job on the win ladies. Practice at 3:15pm today. Last night the 7th grade girl's basketball team traveled to Vallivue to take on the Falcons. 

The B team had a close 1st half and were up by one point at halftime. Vallivue was able to run away with the game and won 32-12. Melanie Morales, Alexis Garza, and Emma Barnet led the team in scoring..

7th GRADE:                                                                                                                                                   The A team had a great game last night. At the end of the 1st quarter the score was 3-1. The A team was able to run away with the game after that and completely dominated Vallivue on both sides of the ball. Final score was 36-10. Congratulations A team on another win for the season! Last game of the season will be this Wednesday, we will face off against Sage Valley. Good luck Cougars!

Results vs Middleton:                                                                                                                                   8th GRADE:                                                                                                                                                    Our 8th grade “A” girls basketball team lost against a very strong Middleton team. Our top leaders were; Payton Garcia with 8 points and 19 rebounds, followed by Victoria and Ashley with 6 points each. Yadira and December each scored 2.

The 8th grade girls B-Team played a very good Middleton team.  Although we did not win the girls never gave up and continued to fight until the very end.  We had balanced scoring with Yesenia Ramos scoring 3 points, and Mary-Jane Deloera, Aaliyah Lopez, Marianna Calderon, and Saray Gamino all scoring 2.

Results vs Emmett:
8th GRADE:
The 8th Grade Girls B-Team basketball traveled to Emmett last night.  We lost the game, but the girls never gave up and worked extremely hard.  Madelyn Stringer and Saray Gamino each played incredible defense grabbing a lot of rebounds and both had 2 blocks.  Yesenia Ramos led the way in scoring with 4 points, Selena Ortiz & Aaliyah Lopez each had 2.  We play at home against Middleton on Wednesday. 

Our 8th Grade Girls " A" team Lost a close one to Emmett Last night.  Our cougars played extremely well and never gave up. Every game this group of ladies show improvement and willingness to continue to strive for greatness. Our top leaders were, Payton with 17 Rebounds, 4 points and 5 steals. Followed by Yadira with 10 points, 6 Rebounds and 5 steals. Victoria added 6 points, 5 steals and 1 Rebound. Ashley and Audrey had 2 points each. The Final score was 30-24. Good Job ladies and Remember No practice today.

Results vs Fremont:
8th GRADE:
Our 8th Grade Girls “A” team had a tough loss last night against Fremont. Everyone played extremely well and improvements are showing more and more in every game. Great job ladies. Final Score was 28-20

The 8th grade girls B-Team traveled to Freemont night and played a hard fought game.  We did not get the win, but the girls never gave up and fought to the end.  Saray Gamino led the way with 4 points and 7 rebounds and Mary-Jane Deloera had 3 points and 7 steals.


7th GRADE:

The A team had a close game with the scoring going back and forth the entire game. At half time A team was up by two points. Fremont was able to secure the win 24-21. A team falls to 2-2 on the season. 


Last night the 7th grade Cougars faced off against Fremont Middle School. The B team had a close game during the first half but Fremont was able to get away in the second half with a final score of 22-10.  B team falls to 1-4 on the season.

Results vs Mountain Home:

8th GRADE:

Our 8th Grade A team lost  the first game of the season last night against a very Strong Mt. Home team. Our Lady Cougars played hard the entire game and never gave up. Our top leaders were Ashley Sauceda with 9 points and 4 steals. Payton Garcia had 7 rebounds. Victoria Zamora added 2 points and 3 steals.


The 8th Grade B girls basketball team beat Mountain Home 18-14 in a thriller. Yesenia Ramos gave the winning assist to Karma Pizano with 8 seconds left in the game to go up by 2 and Madelyn Stringer hit a buzzer beater to push the lead to four.  Mary-Jane Deloera  and Karma Pizano finished with 4 points, Madelyn Stringer had 6, and Sarah Gamino and Brynne Aushouse each had 2.  The girls played very hard the entire game and really earned this win!


7th GRADE:

The A team played a tough game, it was back and forth the entire time. The halftime score was 15-15. At the end of the 4th quarter with 2 seconds left on the clock the game was tied at 29-29.  Mountain Home had a chance to throw the ball in and try one last desperation shot only to be stopped by Evonny Gonzales herself with a great defensive read. Overtime was needed to decide this one , the lady cougars came back home with the win 37-33. Aundrea Dennett and Yazmeen Montanez led the team in scoring. A Team is now 2-0 on the season!

The B team played a tough first half with a halftime score of 12-7. They kept the same intensity going into the second half and were able to pull away for a win 24-13. Alexis Garza and Melanie Morales led the team in scoring. That puts B team at 1-1 for the season.