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Dress Code

Policy 0500 Students

509 Student Dress Code

Last Reviewed:  May 13, 2013

It is the policy of this school district that students shall dress in a manner, which is appropriate for an effective educational environment.  The school is responsible for ensuring that student dress is conducive to a positive and respectful environment for all students.  All students are required to dress in a manner that promotes a safe and healthy school environment, reflects a sensitivity and respect for others and is not disruptive of the educational climate and process.

Section 1.  Prohibitions

The following prohibitions will be enforced when the student is on school premises or at any school sponsored event, regardless of location:

  • Students are prohibited from wearing or carrying, clothing, accessories or jewelry, or displaying piercings or tattoos, which, by picture, symbol, or word, depict or allude to any of the following:
    • Drug usage, including alcohol and tobacco;
    • Controlled substances of any kind;
    • Drug paraphernalia;
    • Gangs;
    • Violence;
    • Sexually explicit, lewd, indecent, or offensive material; or
    • Illegal acts.
  • Students are prohibited from wearing, using, or carrying, any clothing, jewelry, or other attire or accessories, or displaying tattoos, emblems, symbols, signs, or codes, which are evidence of membership or affiliation in an gang.
  • Students are prohibited from wearing clothing, which reveals a student’s breast, abdomen, buttocks or undergarments.
  • Students are prohibited from wearing head coverings in school buildings during class hours, except as may specifically be authorized by the building administrator or designee.
  • Students are required to wear shoes or other footwear in school buildings, unless the building administrator or designee indicates otherwise.
  • The building administrator or designee may identify additional dress code requirements to address specific needs within a building or for a specific activity.

Section 2.  Required Uniform

2.1 The Board of Trustees may require specific uniforms to be worn by all students in designated schools or in specified programs.  See below:

2.2 Upper Body

Solid colors:  Any solid colors except Red or Navy.  Colors that match the lower-body clothing in color and shade are not permitted.

2.2.1 Collared shirt

2.2.2 Long or short sleeved shirts—no sleeveless shirts or T-shirts

2.2.3 Clothing must be free of brand logos and graphics larger than one (1) inch in diameter

2.2.4 All items must fit properly

2.2.5 Under-shirts and T-shirts, if worn, should be underneath the standard collared shirt and can be any solid color except Red or Navy.

2.3 Lower Body

Any solid color except Red is permitted.  Jeans may not be acid-washed, dyed, distressed, or multi-colored.

2.3.1 May include pants, capris, skirts, shorts, skorts, and culottes.  No sweats or warm-up type pants.  Leggings may not be worn as pants.

2.3.2 All items will be no shorter than three inches above the knee.

2.3.3 Clothing must be free of brand logos, holes, decorative stitching, decorations, and graphics larger than one (1) inch in diameter or capable of being covered by a belt.

2.3.4 Designs must be contained to the pocket of the pants and may not extend to the rest of the garment.

2.3.5 All items must fit properly.

2.4 Outer Wear

2.4.1 Sweatshirts and sweaters are permitted in solid colors, except no Red or Navy, with no logos or graphics larger than one (1) inch in diameter unless they say “Caldwell” or are specific to the school.  Principal discretion reserved in all questions or concerns.

Section 3. Discipline

3.1 Disciplinary actions for violation of this policy may include suspension and/or expulsion.

Section 4.  Definitions

4.1 “Controlled substance” includes, but is not limited to, opiates, opium derivatives, hallucinogenic substances, including cocaine, and cannabis and synthetic equivalents of the substances contained in the plant; any material, compound, mixture, or preparation with substances having a depressant or stimulant effect on the central nervous system.

4.2 "Drug” includes any alcohol or malt beverage, any inhalant, any tobacco product, and controlled substance as defined above, any illegal substance, and look-alike or counterfeit drug, any medication not approved and registered by the school authorities, and/or any substance which is intended to alter mood.

4.3  “Drug paraphernalia” includes all equipment, products, and materials of any kind which are used, intended for use, or designated for use, in planting, propagating, cultivating, growing, harvesting, manufacturing, compounding, converting, producing, processing, preparing, testing, analyzing, repackaging, storing, containing, injecting, ingesting, inhaling, or otherwise introducing into the human body a controlled substance as defined by this policy.

4.4 “On school premises or any school-sponsored activity, regardless of location” includes, but is not limited to, buildings and grounds on the school campus, school buses, school parking areas, and the location of any school-sponsored activity.

Section 5. Activity Days

5.1 The building administrator or designee may determine appropriate attire options for special activity days.

Legal           Idaho Code 33-512