JeffersonMiddle School

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Student of the Month Honors

The administration is proud to announce that the following students have been named "February's Students of the Month" by their teachers!
Esmerelda Barbosa, Nick Caceres, Annabella Castillo Trumbo, Issac Collier, Carlos Contreras, Luis Cuevas, Ruben Diaz Barriga, Chavalita Dionne, Yanet Gonzalez Elias, Hunter Elmer, Emma Flores, Cherilyn Ford, Courtney Geach, Alex Hernandez, Sienna Ingram, Amanda Marshall, Trenton Matos-Kelley, Ruby Mora Espejo, Kobe Natali, Brianna Navarro, Mason Nelson, Savannah Pena, Miranda Ruiz, Stephanie Sotelo. 
Congratulations to the students and their parent/guardians for this accomplishment!