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Robotics Club

Our Robotics Teams competed on March 4th at Syringa.

The 6th Grade Dragon Team suffered a major setback before the competition due to a scheduling conflict with other clubs.

Team Dragon Members: Issac Collier, Ethan Smith, Ben Herrera, Nerio Marraquin spent many extra hours redesigning their bots once their teams merged and kept working hard throughout the competition.

Their bot suffered a major programming issue and friction caused by a gear in their drivetrain early on and was not able to recover from the fault.

They received compliments about how their bot was very original in design and this team continued to work on their bot and troubleshoot their systems well after the competition had ended. This team was very dedicated and impressed many other coaches and judges with their work ethic and teamwork.

Team EVA, an All Girls Engineering team, lost one of their members to illness just before the match. Although they gave it their all, they were not able to pull off a win.

The 8th grade boys team scored points with their bot but were not able to bring home a trophy this year.

Our teams networked well during the competition and are looking forward to some skirmishes with Syringa and Boise soon.
First competition is March 4th!!